My connection to RWK is bad, but it's good to other sites. Why?
We need your help in gathering more information so that we can diagnose and have our datacenter attempt to reroute your traffic to avoid a faulty or overloaded node. Here is what you can do to help us find the problem if and when you are experiencing lag:

1. Download
2. Run one instance of GLWinMTR.exe, paste as the host, and press Start
3. Run another instance of GLWinMTR.exe, paste as the host and press Start
4. After they have both run for 3 minutes, click Copy Text to Clipboard and paste it to us (press CTRL-V) in an email to Do this for both instances of GLWinMTR.exe
5. In your e-mail please make note of whether you were experiencing connection issues in the game while the tests were running.