The Acumen Inquest is a tournament for Race War Kingdoms players. Each server has its own monthly Inquest. In order to participate you must show up on or before the time the Inquest is scheduled in the announcements. Both Server's Inquests occur at the same time. Immediately at the time specified in the announcements Roll Call will be announced in yellow and you will be instructed to relog your character 3 times. This places your character on a special list and the top 128 players sorted by level will be randomly paired off to compete in a single elimination tournament. Winning fights earns you 3,500 ash and $250 credit goes to final victor. Inquest winners may not compete again in Inquests for the following 12 months.

In addition to the tournament there is a brawl in which all players may participate. The last man standing is the winner of the brawl assuming he has eliminated at least 2 other players in attack (not defense). The prize is $100 credit.

The final prize goes to the king on each server who has the biggest perfectly square plex in a particular plane for that month. Minimum size of 50x50 kingdoms (5x5 in Forge), and the plex must exist in the same form on the map the day of the Inquest and the day before. Don't wait until the day before last to transfer your plex. The reward is $100 credit. Sharing colors is not permitted, they must all be in the same king's name. If two plexes of equal size exist, there is no winner. If there is no winner, the prize is added to an ever-growing pool that will be acquired by the next winner on any plane.

The fun is far from over after both Inquests have completed and the winners have received their credit prizes, however. A beast invasion follows every Inquest where beasts spawn by the dozen and chaos ensues. After the dust settles the beast lists are reset for that month meaning you can now kill any beasts you had already killed that month.

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